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Land Health Community

After nearly a year of planning, the Lumpkin Family Foundation has endorsed a new theme for its work in East Central Illinois beginning in 2015.

The Foundation is not adopting a new mission but digging more deeply into parts of it where we believe the best opportunities exist to make a real, lasting difference given the rural nature of our communities.  The concept of Land, Health, Community, as described in the following vision for holistic, community health, captures the family's values and outlines in general terms a focus of our attention over the next few years.

A Vision of Community Health

  • Our community has a strong local food system and agricultural economy, resilient businesses, and amenities that attract new businesses and retain local talent. We are prosperous. 
  • Our community is physically active and values healthy eating. We are well and physically fit. 
  • Our community has strong leadership and the capacity for collaboration. We are socially engaged. 
  • Our community works to conserve, protect and preserve the natural environment. We value the natural beauty of the area.  

We welcome grant proposals from organizations working in communities across East Central Illinois through the Lumpkin Family Fund that:

  • Promote personal health through widespread availability and consumption of healthy, affordable food;
  • Grow the local agricultural economy, sustaining and creating new viable farm and farm-related businesses; 
  • Develop, promote and scale innovative green practices that add productive value to farms while protecting the land for future generations; and,
  • Encourage community engagement and collaboration, policy development and research around agriculture and rural development.  

Click here to view our Grantmaking Table.

We seek to increase communication and collaboration among people and organizations who share an interest in holistic community health described by The Foundation’s vision for Land, Health Community.  We will convene people and facilitate conversations leading to action.  For example, a recent discussion process in Mattoon, Illinois will result in the construction of a park in that community in 2015.  

Our objective in this work is finding and supporting the things that help make healthy choices easy.  We will work toward developing more specific and measurable goals in collaboration with community partners as this work unfolds.  

Click here to view different components of our vision in our Theory of Change.

In addition, we will have a special focus on Coles County (Click here to view our Geographical Overview).  Here in our base of operations, we will receive grant proposals by invitation that: create a culture of movement through physical activity, especially outdoors; protect the land and conserve the beauty of our natural landscape; and encourage organizations, businesses and residents to become leaders in the green economy.  These proposals will be received outside our normal grantmaking cycles so please contact us with your ideas.    

Please direct inquiries on Land, Health, Community to:

Bruce Karmazin, Executive Director


Amanda Standerfer, Program Officer

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