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Good Food Policy

The Lumpkin Family Foundation supports organizations working toward a more equitable, healthy, and environmentally sustainable food system. New in 2018, the Good Food Policy Program makes grants to advance policies that encourage and promote regenerative farming practices across the country.

We will support efforts aimed at federal policy changes, whether place-based and grass roots or top-down and national in approach. Informed by and connected to our local and regional programs, we will invite applications aligned with our vision and mission that offer opportunities for learning and strengthen grantee organizations, their networks, and the good food movement overall.

Focus of Support

The focus of this program is on federal policy and advocacy, empowering organizations and people to affect their communities, and the food system. In particular, grantee efforts will:

  • Align with the Foundation’s mission, especially in supporting people working together in collaborations across sectoral, organizational, or community boundaries;
  • Use communication tools to change or create a new narrative that can be used to influence policymakers and broader public understanding of the issues;
  • Empower citizens and a range of stakeholders at a grassroots level in equal fairness; and,
  • Represent a judicious and effective allocation of resources (human and capital) that meets the Foundation’s particular needs and goals with the size of that investment.

Please direct inquiries on the Good Food Policy to:

Bruce Karmazin

Executive Director
Phone: 217-234-5915

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Good Food Policy Grantees

  • Good Food Policy 2018

    Union of Concerned Scientists - Good Food For All

    This project will enable members of communities that have been historically excluded from federal food and agriculture negotiations to generate, refine, and advocate for their policy priorities and innovations. The Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS) facilitates the activities of the Good Food For All (GFFA) initiative with the ultimate goal of improving the well being of communities whose contributions are essential for the food and agriculture system to work but whose interests and priorities are seldom considered in federal policy. 

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  • Good Food Policy 2018

    Food Policy Action

    Through public education, advocacy, and community organizing, Food Policy Action Education Fund unites advocates across the food movement on diverse issues such as nutrition and health, organic foods, local community agriculture, beginning farmers, and clean water.  

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  • Good Food Policy 2018

    Open Markets Institute

    To help policymakers and the public understand America’s monopoly problem in food and farming and take action to reverse it. We use investigative journalism, op-eds, grassroots alliances, and policymaker education to raise awareness of the consequences of concentrations of power in food and farm markets, and work directly with policymakers to develop solutions.

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  • Good Food Policy 2018

    Sustainable Agriculture & Food Systems Funders

    “Catalyzing Action: Building philanthropic knowledge and capacity to impact food and farm policy” will enhance our ability to contribute to more effective investments and accelerated learning within our membership.  

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