In light of guidance issued by the State of Illinois to help minimize the spread of COVID-19, the Lumpkin Family Foundation offices are closed to the public. Staff are working remotely until further notice. 

All our processes and forms are easily accessible online; we do not foresee a need to shift any LOI or application deadlines, or grant notification dates.  Right now, deadlines remain March 30 (updated) for Aspiramos Juntos letters of inquiry and April 10 for Land Health Community applications.  However, acknowledging the massive disruption caused by the outbreak, we are prepared to be as flexible as we can while balancing against the need for responsiveness, and the demand for fairness to all.  Please contact Laura Huddleston ( if you have any questions or concerns. 

We are monitoring the situation of our grantees. We are also engaged in conversations with colleagues and partners that seek to identify coherent action. As much as this once-in-a-lifetime challenge calls for a society-wide response led by government, The Lumpkin Family Foundation is committed to identifying a role for philanthropy in supporting the communities we serve.   

Thank you, and take care!