Our Family

The Lumpkin Family Foundation is truly a family affair.

The Foundation provides a forum for family members to affirm their core values, honor a common legacy of community service and contribute their talents to accomplish shared goals. Three generations of founder Besse A. Lumpkin's family, plus their spouses, make grant decisions and manage the activities of the organization. The Foundation fosters an understanding and respect for the family’s legacy in Central Illinois and encourages individual member philanthropy and community involvement wherever members reside.

Family members currently fill seven of nine seats on the Board of Trustees and serve on all grant-making and management committees. The Committee on Trusteeship was created to support the growth and participation of members in relation to The Foundation’s need for leadership.

While family participation is essential to our identity, our members value the involvement of others whose expertise and knowledge support the achievement of The Foundation's goals. Independent (non-family) members currently participate on our grant-making committees where most grant decisions are made. We also involve community leaders in ad hoc advisory committees and regularly consult community members when we are developing new programs or evaluating existing ones.