For Grant Seekers

This page should help you determine whether the Lumpkin Family Foundation offers your organization a grant opportunity.  Once you’ve identified a program, and know that it’s accepting applications, click the apply/report link at the top of the page to log on to our system. Remember, we only accept electronic applications. If you don’t find the answers you seek, please email or call us.   

Grant Programs

    Aspiramos Juntos

    Aspiramos Juntos (We Hope Together) is a grantmaking program offered to organizations in the Chicago region by the Lumpkin Family Foundation.

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    Austin Fresh

    Austin Fresh was created in 2020 and is supported by The Builders Initiative, The Christopher Family Foundation, Food:Land:Opportunity, The Lumpkin Family Foundation and the Walter Mander Foundation.

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    Good Food Policy Program

    The Good Food Policy Program will invite applications for grants that align with our vision and mission of strengthening and enacting change to the good food movement.

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    Land, Health, Community

    The Foundation’s primary and largest grantmaking program, reflects the Lumpkin family's historic connection and commitment to the community.

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    Nature-Based Climate Action Program

    A program to demonstrate and promote tree planting, prairie restoration, and other nature-based solutions to climate mitigation in rural areas

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    North Lawndale Fresh

    Builders Initiative, The Lumpkin Family Foundation and the Walter Mander Foundation want all Chicago communities to thrive. We are united in the belief that access to healthy, affordable food is a human right and critical to community health.

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