Evaluating Performance

Evaluating Performance 

As we expect from the nonprofit organizations we support and those with whom we partner, we have a strategic plan that guides our work and to which we hold ourselves accountable. We do this in a variety of ways.   

Evaluation Indicators:

In our grantmaking, we support our plan with a set of metrics or indicators that help us understand whether we’re reaching our goals. We ask our Land, Health, Community grantees to choose from among the indicators that best complements their work.  By reviewing grantee metrics alongside other publicly available data, we can track change in the food system and sustainable ag efforts in our region.  Click here to view our Evaluation Framework. 

Annual Big Questions:

Every year we try to answer what we call our Annual Big Questions that address not only our accomplishments and our alignment with our mission but our organizational effectiveness. (We have different questions every four and 10 years.)

Keeping us real:

Every third year we ask applicants to evaluate how Foundation staff and members comported themselves in their relationships with applicants. The survey is conducted by an independent consultant to ensure the confidentiality of the responses and the integrity of the information.

View our most recent independent study.