Engagement and Partnerships

The Lumpkin Family Foundation is a grantmaker – and more.

The Foundation is a community convenor and sometimes an initiator of community action. We do this in collaboration with organizations that share our goals and values and where we see opportunity for impact that advances our mission.

City of Mattoon: Mattoon Heritage Park 

The Foundation facilitated a process for family members and local community leaders to study the value of a sustainably designed park in downtown Mattoon. The process resulted in a partnership between the Foundation and the City of Mattoon to build the park at the southwest corner of Broadway Avenue and 17th Street.  A Community leadership team, led by the City, oversaw the park's development which was completed in spring 2017. 

Central Illinois Community Foundations

Four community foundation partners in Central Illinois -- the Community Foundation for the Land of Lincoln in Springfield, the Community Foundation of Macon County in Decatur, the Community Foundation of East Central Illinois in Champaign, and the Southeastern Illinois Community Foundation in Mattoon and Effingham -- have administered our organizational capacity building micro-grants program through Forefront, the state association for nonprofits and grantmakers since 2010. In 2015, the Lumpkin Family Foundation built endowments at each foundation to ensure lasting support for organizational development in the region.   

Coles County Greenway and Trail System 

The Foundation is working closely with Grand Prairie Friends of Champaign to preserve land and habitat in eastern Coles County between the City of Charleston and Fox Ridge State Park. Our two organizations are collaborating with the Cities of Charleston and Mattoon and others on the development of trails that will facilitate greater outdoor physical activity and the enjoyment of nature. In 2016, Charleston and Mattoon received a federal ITEP grant to extend and repave the Rail-trail between the cities.   

Fresh Taste Initiative

The Foundation made a third three-year commitment in 2017 to the collaboration between several foundations and the City of Chicago.  Fresh Taste aims to bring about change in the Illinois food system that increases access to healthy food for under-served families in Chicago and creates jobs in rural communities in east central Illinois. 

Regenerate Illinois!

A series of grantee convenings we held in early 2016 led to the creation of a consortium uniting a growing network of farmers, agro-ecology researchers, educators, environmental NGO’s, and farming and food businesses. Working together, they will develop and expand diverse farming systems that protect land, water, people and wildlife while building a resilient system of local, vibrant food economies across East Central Illinois and radiating across the state.